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Sound Healing, Energy and Somatic Bodywork, Essential Blends, Gem Elixirs & AromaEnergetix Mists

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Heart & hand made elixirs to promote wellness: mind, body & spirit


What are…


In the formation of a gem elixir, information contained in the crystals that are used are transferred to the water. When taken internally or applied to the body externally the effects are similar to using the crystals themselves in healing.

The crystal doesn’t not “dissolve “ in the water at all but it is the energy from the crystal that is transferred to bind with the water molecules. They are healing aids similar to homeopathic and flower essence remedies.

In addition to the many healing properties of different mineral elements in crystals, the infusion of healing frequencies and Reiki life force energy to the gem elixirs amplifies the healing potential for your highest benefit.



AromaEnergetix are synergistic blends of gem elixirs, essential oils, Reiki and healing frequencies that is used in the energy field around the body. This is our “energetic blueprint” consisting of 5 layers: physical, emotional, mental , soul, and spirit. AromaEnergetix are designed to support, heal, strengthen and support different aspects of this field.



Essential blends are combinations of essential oils that work synergistically with your biochemistry when inhaled or applied to the body to bring balance in your system physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This in turn relieves pain, illness and stress.


Silver, through the process of electrolysis is bonded to water and suspended in a way that makes it readily available in the body. Not only is colloidal silver super effective at eliminating bacterial infection, but it is also equally effective at resisting strains of bacteria and it does not cause any further mutations- which is great news for its long term uses as an antibiotic treatment.

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All of these healing offerings are also available at the Healing Arts Collective in Redding, California. Contact me with any inquiries about these offerings or a private session. 

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