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Gem Elixirs

In the formation of a gem elixir, information contained in the crystals that are used are transferred to the water. When taken internally or applied to the body externally the effects are similar to using the crystals themselves in healing. 

The crystal doesn’t not “dissolve “ in the water at all but it is the energy from the crystal that is transferred to bind with the water molecules. They are healing aids similar to homeopathic and flower essence remedies. 

In addition to the many healing properties of different mineral elements in crystals, the infusion of healing frequencies and Reiki life force energy to the gem elixirs amplifies the healing potential for your highest benefit.

Scroll through below to explore all Gem Elixirs.


A full color spectrum of calcite to activate all the energy centers and remove blockages, assisting one in moving beyond blocked patterns and seeing joy in all aspects life.

Ingredients: Calcite gem essence, Brandy, healing frequencies and intention.


Gem elixirs of Carnelian, Citrine, Chrysocolla and Moonstone are combined to uplift and empower divine feminine energy. Helping you connect to your passion and purpose, this elixir helps brings about creative breakthroughs and a mindset open to perspectives that bring about abundance and joy in your life. This elixir is also helpful for hormone balance and overall well-being. Use 3-7 drops as needed. This blend works best used daily.

Ingredients: Carnelian, Citrine, Chrysocolla and Moonstone gem elixirs, Brandy, Sacramento Headwaters (Mt.Shasta), healing frequencies and loving intention.


Support the essence of Joy with this lovely combination of Lemurian Quarts and Rhodochrosite gems, infused with healing, uplifting frequencies and reiki energy.

3-7 drops in your water or under your tongue allows your energy field to begin to resonate with the joyous frequencies within this elixir.

Lemurian Points: Provide unconditional love from the earth as we enter profound vibrational shifts.Helps us move in our own evolution beyond the boundaries of this world into union with God or All That Is. It helps us embrace our multidimensional self and breaks disabling bonds in the physical realm that create the illusion of separateness.

Rhodochrosite: The frequency of this stone represents selfless love and compassion. It expands consciousness and integrates the material and spiritual energies. Rhodochrosite imparts a dynamic and positive attitude.

Ingredients: Lemurian Quarts and Rhodochrosite gem elixir, Brandy, healing frequencies and intention.


Rose Quartz , Green Aventurine and the 528hz frequency support the intention to manifest a deeper sense of love and compassion for yourself and others.

Ingredients: Rose Quartz , Green Aventurine gem elixir, Brandy, healing frequencies and intention.

Spirit Quartz 

An elixir of ascension, aiding one in healing on multidimensional levels and aligning with universal love.

Spirit Quartz: An uplifting stone, Spirit Quartz emits high vibration energy in all directions while at the same time, the core crystal tightly focuses healing that reaches multi-dimensions and reprograms cellular memory. Carrying the gifts of the Spirit, this stone enhances metaphysical abilities, facilitates out-of-body journeying, assists in the ascension process, activates the light body and opens the crown and higher crown chakras. Encourages insightful dreams and helps to reframe the past. Being a carrier of the vibration of universal love this crystal heals, purifies and realigns the etheric blue print for the present life. Being a stone of non-duality it balances yin and yang to help facilitate different brainwaves for heightened awareness and psychic perception.

Ingredients: Spirit Quartz gem essence, Brandy, healing frequencies and intention.

Custom Gem Elixir 

A blend of gem and mineral elixirs that are individually created  for you.  When making custom gem elixirs, each elixir is made for the unique soul who orders it. Once the order has been made, I will contact you via email to get some details in order to create the perfect combination for you.  This is done through a unique process of reiki, scalar heart connection therapy, divine channeling/prayer and muscle testing. Along with the elixir you will receive a write up on what purpose and heart messages were received for you. And how often to take it. These elixirs are highly stable and will last quite a while as long as they are stored in a cool dark place. I look forward to spiraling some healing energy into your life with these elixirs.